Teaching forms an integral part of my practice. I am very passionate about sharing the knowledge I have received from my teachers and mentors, and the experience I have gained over the years.

I believe that learning is an ongoing journey, and I approach teaching as a dynamic and symbiotic learning process.

Bharatanatyam Technique

I have spent many years observing my teachers and refining my teaching methods to be able to offer a deep understanding of Bharatanatyam technique to my students.

I offer both intensive one-on-one classes and group sessions from complete beginners to advanced master classes. These classes are tailored to individual needs. Please contact me for more information.


I have a wealth of experience teaching a range of age and abilities dance technique, creative movement and choreography.

Within school and youth group settings, a popular option is often a taster Bharatanatyam workshop and then some creative task-based exercises to allow group work, followed by a sharing of what has been made. The length of the workshops can also vary depending on the needs and desired outcomes of the group.

Full day/residency workshops can also be enjoyable and planned accordingly so that the group can try out a range of activities and work towards a small performance.